General Objective:

The broad objective of the project is to analyze the export performance of the textiles and the engineering goods sector in India with a view to suggest policy for improving performance. This broad objective can be divided into three sub objectives:

  1. To determine the determinants of exports in this sector
  2. To determine the major problems faced by the exporters in this sectors
  3. Based on (1) & (2) suggest policy measures for improving export performance.

Objective 1 will be further into following parts:

  1. To study the commodity composition of textile and engineering exports and structural shifts therein.
  2. To review the policy changes affecting the textile and engineering export-with a focus on exchange rate policy(time frame to be determined)
  3. To examine the criticality of exchange rate in affecting the competitiveness of textile and engineering goods exports(Price verses non price factors)

Objectives:  The objective of the industry survey is as follows: